Coorg (Kodagu) trip

You can see the pics here.

One day Gunda asked me if I would like to have a trip to Coorg. I said how come you have a sudden plan for Coorg dude? He said, we are going with his friends who are 7 in number. Then SHAMELESSLY added, "we need a photographer for the trip" . Man, this is the limit.. but it never hurts to have a nice trip and that too with a big gang :) I said "ok, will go, sponsor my trip", me too getting shameless :p

Chapter 1: Leaving bangalore
So, Gunda was doing all the planning over the week and I was busy completing some irritating office tasks x-(
Finally the day came(Friday the Nov 25th' 2008), and we were all set to go there.
We packed our bags, filled up songs in pendrives(cabs usually have thumb-drive enabled music players), and started at 11:00 PM. Collected all the friends within bangalore and left the city by 1:00 AM.

Chapter 2: Waking up the whole night and the fight for a good hotel
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